SC3 Southern Ocean-Antarctic Chronology and Environmental proxies (SOACEP)




  • Identifying, compiling (in interactive format) and analysing paleo proxies used to reconstruct environmental variability throughout the geological past. This includes identifying key regions around Antarctica, and gaps of knowledge for proxy development and improvements, with consultation of both proxy and modelling community.
  • Documenting chronological methodology and developing systematic assessment of age models for paleo records. This will improve the correlation at a continental scale between terrestrial and proximal marine, to deep marine Southern Ocean environmental response through time

We will achieve this by organizing sessions at conferences and workshops, providing progress reports (including topic-relevant publication list), initiating new and maintaining ongoing intra- and interdisciplinary communications, and exchanging ideas. Specifically, we aim to build an open archive of data that will link up with other related initiatives and existing data archives to serve as input for model development.

(23rd Dec 2021) Word document for Subcommittee 1.3 proposal:

(12th Oct 2021) Powerpoint slides for first whole subcommittee meeting summarising the initial proposal and structure of the subcommittee:

(1st Dec 2021) Powerpoint slides presented to Theme 1 meeting:



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Georgia GRANT

GNS Science (NZ)

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National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (IT)


Isabel Sauermilch

Jane Lund Andersen

Sonja Berg

Peter Bijl

Steve Bohaty

Christo Buizert

Lucilla Capotondi

Mathieu Casado

David Chandler

Xavier Crosta

Carlotta Escutia

Johan Etourneau

Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand

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